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Hermetic Circular Connectors

AMETEK Engineered Interconnect and Packaging has the most extensive range of hermetic circular connectors available anywhere. Our manufacturing facilities, Sealtron Inc and Hermetic Seal Corp., are Qualified Products Listed (QPL’d) on the most significant Mil spec glass-to-metal-sealed connector types in the Aerospace industry. We also manufacture European aerospace qualified connectors, commercial equivalents to many other less popular Military Connector Specifications and are proficient in the customization of any of these products to meet special performance requirements. Customization may take the form of, but is not limited to:
  • Alternate body diameters and lengths
  • Alternate pin diameters, lengths and termination types
  • Specialty materials and finishes (Including Aluminum)
  • Alternate insert arrangements
    • We can design an insert arrangement with any combination of pin diameters to meet your needs for both power and signal throughput
  • Socket contacts
  • Rear release crimp socket contacts
  • Higher Dielectric Withstanding Voltage rating
  • Alternate O-ring materials and groove configurations suitable for custom mounting needs
  • Guide pins for blind mating applications
  • Threads on housings to allow attachment of back-shells or next level assemblies
  • Threaded inserts or threaded bushings in flange mounting holes
  • Precious metal plated surfaces on the housing to improve ground connection from the housing to next level assembly to reduce the impact of EMI conditions
  • Alternate glass materials to withstand special circumstances, such as:
    • Stable Insulation Resistance values at high temperatures
    • Temperatures up to 800ºF (426ºC) at lower pressures
    • Extreme levels of thermal cycling (-85ºF to +800ºF or -65ºC to +426ºC) at lower pressures