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SEALTRON has decades of experience supplying connectors for Space applications. With currently more than 4,550 satellites in orbit around Earth, many of these rely on hermetic connectors to provide electrical functionality.

The total number of these satellites circling around Earth are estimated to continue to increase as SpaceX and other providers continually launch satellites into orbit. Some say, that we will be sending over 42,000 satellites into space within the next two decades.

Whether it is satellites for communications, Earth observation, technology development or navigation systems, SEALTRON can meet the supply needs.

These decades of experience have allowed us to develop a deep expertise in the unique challenges that are faced in this extreme environment. The products we develop and manufacture for Space are of the highest quality and designed to be utilized in fracture-critical applications. SEALTRON has demonstrated the ability to design and develop complete interconnect solutions that solve the most technical challenging requirements for Space applications.

SEALTRON provides solutions that meet the following space grade qualifications:
  • Qualified on connector and high pressure / temperature headers

  • Qualified to supply Space-grade connectors since our initial qualification with Loral (now L-3) to the SSQ “Space Station Qualification” document

  • QPL38999 utilized for space grade by hard vacuuming for 24 hours, eliminating volatiles from the connectors

  • Vacuum furnaces up to 1343°C at 5x10-6 torr vacuum for special processes
SEALTRON has the proven capability to provide solutions for a diverse solutions for this challenging category. We continue to supply interconnect solutions that have and are being used in a variety of fracture-critical applications.

Space Applications
Applications include:
  • Rockets

  • Electronic and optical systems for satellites

  • Environmental Lite Support System, International Space Station

  • Mars Rover

  • Space suits

  • Artemis Moon to the Constellation Project

How SEALTRON delivers value

We are vertically integrated:

Starting from base material fabrication to part forming to complex assemblies, we do it all – including final testing and full range of in-house analytics. Since we control the entire production cycle, we stand behind product performance over its intended design life.

Fast, flexible and defect-free:

Using our fully integrated production system, SEALTRON offers competitive lead times and the lowest possible risk to supply.

Quality certified:

SEALTRON adheres to AS9100 aerospace quality standards.

Customer support:

We work with service providers worldwide for field installation and repairs on all of our products.

Whether designing a new platform, or upgrading existing aircraft, SEALTRON commercial and military components and services can help your project take flight. Contact us today or inquire about factory-direct deals on engineered materials, interconnect and defense products.

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