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There is no compromise when the major aircraft systems like actuation, navigation or fluid management depend on the quality of their discrete electronic components. Saving money is important but can never come at the expense of protecting lives of those onboard and on the ground.

When purchasing from SEALTRON, you will not sacrifice safety and reliability.

This is why Aerospace OEMs have been relying on the high Quality and Reliability of SEALTRON products for their programs and new product developments. New developments including hydrogen fuel cells, various eVTOL platforms, and more electric aircraft. 
SEALTRON: Precision technology for precise applications  
A global leader in electronic components manufacturing for more than 80 years, SEALTRON designs and manufactures products that can withstand the harsh environment of aerospace applications while provide excellent support services.

Our numerous catalogs of interconnect technologies are diverse enough to serve original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in commercial, space and military sectors around the globe. SEALTRON electronics are found in avionics, guidance and control systems, satellites, weapon systems, sensors, instrumentation and more.

Boeing 777 Cutaway - Hermetic Connectors
How SEALTRON delivers value
Vertically integrated:
From material fabrication to simple parts to complex components and clean-room assemblies, we do it all - including testing and in-house analytics. Since we control the entire production chain, we can stand behind our products’ performance over its entire design life.
Fast, flexible and defect-free:
With our fully integrated and scalable production system, SEALTRON offers competitive lead times and minimized risk to your supply chain.
Certified for quality:
SEALTRON adheres to AS9100 aerospace quality standards.
Supportive of our customers:

Whether you’re designing a new program, or upgrading existing aircraft, SEALTRON commercial and military aerospace components will help your project take flight. Contact SEALTRON today or inquire about factory-direct deals on engineered materials, electronic packaging and defense products.

SEALTRON, one of world’s largest leaders in hermetic connectors has been delivering its products for decades to most of the major Aerospace players.

To continue providing its customers with the best-in-class performance and services, SEALTRON is extending its current capacity to meet the current aerospace ramp-up and face the supply chain challenges that SEALTRON adheres to AS9100 aerospace quality standardswill result from the expected demand of more than 39,000 new aircrafts to be delivered over the period 2022 through 2041.

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