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In a geopolitical landscape of ever-increasing complexity, the importance of common defense can't be overstated. And this extends far beyond weaponry, guidance and navigation tools, countermeasures, armed vehicles and their power sources. It's also essential that these products operate efficiently and effectively. While desirable for any business, the urgency increases significantly in defense. Over the course of more than 80 years, Sealtron has risen as a leader in the fields of material science and electrical engineering, serving more than a dozen industries. Our products for the defense sector have the quality and durability that's necessary to function in high reliability, mission-critical applications - when global stability hangs in the balance.

Utility across multiple aspects of defense

The primary goal of defense systems and the technologies upholding them is to avoid their use, unless absolutely necessary. Yet the armed forces must maintain a constant state of readiness. If and when it becomes necessary to activate, modern warfighters require tools upon which they can confidently rely.

Components manufactured by Sealtron are critical to:

  • Radar and navigational systems.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and satellites for reconnaissance needs.
  • Targeting methods, including thermal imaging and infrared sighting for covert operations.
  • Guidance systems for surface-to-air missiles and precision-guided smart weapons.
Optimal connectivity
AMETEK SEALTRON's glass-to-metal sealed connectors are designed for use in extreme environments, making them ideal for defensive applications. These components are available as standard Mil-Spec compliant, or with custom configurations upon request.

Other distinguishing features include:

  • Designed for operation in extreme temperatures, pressures or humidity
  • Notably effective in undersea applications.
  • Available in multiple styles for electric or fiber-optic connections.
  • Original glass-to-metal connector specifications are the product of manufacturing and testing in accordance with U.S. Navy performance standards MIL-C-24231 and MIL-C-24217.
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